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"A great room is like a fabulous dinner party:

The guest list encompasses a broad array of fascinating figures, each with a singular point of view;

there is both harmony and a welcome degree of friction in the conversation;

and a handful of unexpected, oddball characters turn up to keep the proceedings from being too polite."
                                                                                                                                                             Architectural Digest, January 2022



Interior Design, to me, is sensibility.  Interior Design is both science and art.  It is the manipulation of space through the basic elements and principles of design to create practical environments.  And, it is the personalization and beautification of that same space that gives it meaning.  Interior Design, to me, is the practice of connecting people with their immediate, most intimate, surroundings: the home.

My design curiosities formed at an early age.  Some of my earliest Christmas presents included a subscription to Blueprint Magazine, shoeboxes, and a Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog of which I modeled some of my first lavish homes.  I later discovered, through the devastating housefires of my grandparents' (my mother's childhood home) and my parents' (my childhood home), that a sense of place and a sense of belonging are directly connected to the physical space in which we live. 


My quest for design knowledge led me through a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree, a graduate degree in Interior Architecture, and a post-baccalaureate degree in Historic Preservation.  My passion for Interior Design and more specifically, residential design, propelled me throughout my career from a custom residential architecture firm to a well-appointed interiors showroom and landed me teaching Interior Design at the collegiate level.  My Interior Design calling has brought me here ... Nikki Owens Interior Design.


With great attention to detail and almost-obsessive organizational skills, I help clients negotiate the functional and behavioral needs within their home.  I am involved in the planning, research, coordination, and management of every project.  I provide creative consultation and rely heavily on my network of tradesfolk to actualize each home from conceptual design through project realization.  I am relentless in the pursuit of my clients' dream home.  

Collected Works

collected works